Municipal Finance

Municipalities have been staggering under the effects of the Economic Recession as they are experiencing downward pressures on tax and service fee revenues while seeing a dramatic increase in requests for services. 

This, combined with escalating debt management, banking and privacy regulations, rising operating costs and the pending "brain drain" as their tenured employees approach retirement, adds to increasingly difficult time and resource challenges at all levels of municipal government.

Non-Profit Finance

Non-Profits (including certain quasi-governmental agencies) are facing similar financial, regulatory, staffing and service demand challenges as Municipalities. 

The recession has resulted in decreased federal & state grant funding, dwindling private donations as well as increased operating costs across the board.


While the vast majority of Boards, officers and team members work tirelessly to uphold the missions of their organizations, they are stretched thin between taking care of their clients and fulfilling their legal requirements as a charitable or other Code 501(c)-type tax exempt organization.

Municipal and Non-Profit Services at a Glance

  • Tax Exempt Bond Issuance, Reissuance and Refinancing
  • Establishing and maintaining comprehensive Post Issuance Compliance (PIC) Policies & Protocols and strengthening EMMA reporting
  • Private Business Use (PBU) initial analysis and strategic maintenance which provides options to help your business bottom line in a PBU compliant fashion
  • SEC Rule 15c2-12 Continuing Disclosure Compliance review and maintenance
  • IRS Audits of Tax Exempt Bonds and Remediation through VCAP
  • Reviewing or auditing existing contracts for regulatory and performance requirements
  • CAFR completion
  • Banking Conversions and Implementations
  • Assessing current state of regulatory and financial policies and procedures
  • Implementing and monitoring compliance protocols (using a team approach) including PIC, HIPAA, Dodd-Frank, CFPB, PCI-DSS, Continuing Disclosure, NERC, FERC, FARs and more.
  • Tax, Accounting and External Audit Issues
  • Educational seminars and webinars for accounting and compliance