Webinars and Seminars

With the myriad of new regulations since 2008, entities and their finance & accounting staff are getting buried in their efforts to get ahead of new accounting pronouncements & compliance regulations.  Answering questions from their Boards, CEO and Executive Management who are understandably concerned about the next IRS, SEC or local newspaper inquiry just adds to the stress.  If your staff is swamped and training budgets are tight, our approach of bringing relevant, timely and cost effective training to you (or your computer) could be just the solution you need.

As part of our ongoing commitment to education, Debbie and the team will be offering on site seminars to client groups as well as developing a series of 1 or 2 hour and 1/2 day live webinars, which are being developed and are scheduled to be offered beginning in Spring 2014. 


To be notified of our webinar offering schedule, please sign up via our contact form.

Proposed Topics Include:


  • Compliance 101
  • Accounting Nuts and Bolts for Compliance - a Deep Dive
  • Private Business Use - What, When, Where, Who and Why you NEED to KNOW it
  • Embracing PBU - How Understanding and Monitoring it can Help your Business Bottom Line
  • The Science and Art of Compliance
  • Small Business Startup - ABCs and 123s
  • Small Business 201 - Getting Ready to Launch