Have you ever faced the long and rocky road of regulatory compliance? Perhaps you are walking it now, staring down the seemingly endless path ahead, unsure of what to do or where to turn. The team at iCompass Compliance Solutions, LLC (iCCS) has traveled that road many times before and we are here to show you the way out of the storm. Our passion for all things compliance is embodied in our service mark: 

Navigating Financial, Accounting and Regulatory Compliance with Integrity.

For the past several years, small businesses, governmental and non-profit entities have experienced an increasingly complex regulatory environment, while simultaneously battling downward pressures on revenues and staffing.  As a result, accounting and finance staff have faced mounting challenges to comprehend, adopt and monitor these new accounting & compliance protocols while keeping the day-to-day operations of the business running smoothly. 

The Compliance Challenge and Our Solution

To proactively and efficiently meet these increasing compliance challenges, iCompass Compliance Solutions LLC effectively partners with your Legal, Contracting, AP, Accounting and Finance teams to assess and implement comprehensive and sustainable protocols, policies and procedures.


Core Competencies and Skills We Bring to the Table

Integrity and Independence

Audit Objectivity

Technical Competence in Regulated Disciplines

Prudent Innovation

Complex Issue Resolution on Time and under Budget



How We Effectively Close Audit and Compliance Gaps

Assess Current Protocol Status with Key Stakeholders

Define Gaps and Develop Remediation Plan

Work with Teams to gather needed Compliance Data

Develop Appropriate Compliance Protocols with Documentation

Implement Sustainable Policies/Procedures for Maintenance