Mission, Vision and Values

Core to our Service Mark which is "Navigating Financial, Accounting and Regulatory Compliance with Integrity", all members of the iCompass Compliance Solutions LLC Team are committed to delivering excellence and value by aspiring to the following Mission, Vision and Values...


Mission:  We are committed to providing proactive, accurate and relevant analysis then developing prudent, sustainable accounting and compliance solutions so companies can focus on achieving their objectives.


Vision: We pledge to be a knowledgeable, trusted advisor and partner who will work with your teams, where you are, when you need us - to help you successfully resolve your financial, accounting and compliance needs. 


Values:  iCompass Compliance Solutions LLC is passionate about helping companies large and small.  Integral to everything we do, we bring the following values to the table:


Integrity:  Above all, integrity is the heartbeat of what we do.  Trust in all members is critical when working on sensitive financial and compliance issues.


Team Based Solutions:  The most effective long term strategies will be accomplished when the people responsible for maintaining the changes are key stakeholders in implementing them.


Thought Leadership:  We are committed to continual learning, innovation, sharing and dialogue concerning key market and legislative initiatives impacting your business climate.


Sustainability:  Harnessing technology, partnerships and collaboration, we will develop a customized solution which will be sustainable for your team.


Accountable Excellence: We strive to exceed expectations by clearly communicating goals, setting assertive yet achievable milestones and testing the outcomes throughout the project.