A Taxing Dilemma - AFP Exchange, November 2013 Author Deborah Todd, CTP, CPA, CGMA: © AFP 2013

Thank you for stopping by....it was an enlightening walk down memory lane writing "A Taxing Dilemma", but hopefully the information and insights shared from an "in the audit trenches" Issuer perspective are helpful!  You are welcome to download a personal copy for your use.  As a reader note, the text flow and format AFP used surrounding the IRS table may be a bit confusing.  Please continue reading the text in the first column after the table, then proceed to the top of the second column.


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IRS Initiatives Continue Audit Focus on TEB Records - If the IRS Comes to Call - "What's in Your Binders"?

Helpful Links: IRS Publication 5091 and Bond Case Briefs

In June 2013, The IRS issued new guidance on audits of tax exempt and tax credit bonds, as well as the VCAP.  Check out IRS Publication 5091.  Additionally, Bond Case Briefs showcased a great synopsis on the related IRS TEB outreach webinar held in August.  Click here to read more.  More helpful IRS tips are on our Hot Topics page.